Mme. Mathieu's Soiree

Co-Created and Directed by Tyler Spicer

Hosted by drew fornarola

* Bistro Awards Critic's Pick

"An Ed Sullivan Show for a new generation." - Gerry Geddes, The Bistro Awards

Eccentric cabaret patroness Madame Mathieu presents an eclectic evening featuring rising stars in stand-up, concert music, poetry, dance, songwriting, and performance art showcasing their work, and more established artists accepting creative dares that arise from Mme. M’s insane imagination. A true variety show with an avant garde twist, the Soiree is as unpredictable as the host herself. The evening concludes with a party in the outer bar, because the only thing more interesting that Mme. M’s show is her audience. 

The Soiree has featured thirty broadway performers and over one hundred performers from various other mediums. The Soiree continues to perform every other month at The Duplex.